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RAKUPORT-We help for your sourcing of Japanese product, Rental Address in Japan

【Process of Our Service】

"Use our Japanese address in Tokyo for your shopping"!!
We serve you "Rental Japanese Address"!!
We help you to buy Japanese product. You can use our address in Tokyo Japan for your shopping! We also help to forward your product to your country. For shopping of Japanese product, stay at your home and use our service. You do not have to spend your precious time and money for air flight to Japan. 

Are you looking for Japanese product?  The most of Japanese shops(including online shops) do not send their product to outside of Japan.  Furthermore, English is not available in the most of Japanese shops.  Don't worry. We would help you.  You can use our company's address for your shiipping address when you buy product in Japanese shop. Upon delivery of your goods to our office, we would forward to your address in outside of Japan with reasonable fee.  Goods consolidation service is available for optional service to save shipping cost.
【Process of Our Service】
1. You buy item and send item to our address.
2. Upon delivery of your item to our address, we would check the weight and dimension of the item.(if necessary, we would repack it for international shipment)
3. We would let you know the shipping charge(EMS, DHL, Fedex, etc) and our service fee
4. You pay us shipping charge and our service fee by paypal or bank T/T, Western Union.
5. Upon our confirmation of your payment, we would ship your product to you by courier(EMS, DHL, Fedex, etc.)

【Shipping charge(by EMS) and our Service Fee】-buy from online shop, retailer
*If you buy from maker or distributor in bulk purchase, we would provide you another quotation.

Shipping charge(from TokyoJapan by EMS) our service fee
Weight Asia Oceania, North America, Central America and the Middle East Europe South America and Africa
Up to 900yen 1,200yen 1,500yen 1,700yen $10.00
Up to 1,100yen 1,500yen 1,800yen 2,100yen $10.00
Up to 1,240yen 1,680yen 2,000yen 2,440yen $10.00
Up to 1,380yen 1,860yen 2,200yen 2,780yen $11.00
Up to 1,520yen 2,040yen 2,400yen 3,120yen $11.00
Up to 1,660yen 2,220yen 2,600yen 3,460yen $11.00
Up to 1,800yen 2,400yen 2,800yen 3,800yen $12.00
Up to 1.25kg 2,100yen 2,800yen 3,250yen 4,600yen $12.00
Up to 2,400yen 3,200yen 3,700yen 5,400yen $13.00
Up to 1.75kg 2,700yen 3,600yen 4,150yen 6,200yen $13.00
Up to 3,000yen 4,000yen 4,600yen 7,000yen $14.00
Up to 3,500yen 4,700yen 5,400yen 8,500yen $14.00
Up to 4,000yen 5,400yen 6,200yen 10,000yen $16.00
Up to 4,500yen 6,100yen 7,000yen 11,500yen $17.00
Up to 5,000yen 6,800yen 7,800yen 13,000yen $18.00
Up to 5,500yen 7,500yen 8,600yen 14,500yen $19.00
Up to 6,000yen 8,200yen 9,400yen 16,000yen $20.00
Up to 6,500yen 8,900yen 10,200yen 17,500yen $21.00
Up to 7,000yen 9,600yen 11,000yen 19,000yen $22.00
Up to 7,800yen 10,700yen 12,300yen 21,100yen $24.00
Up to 8,600yen 11,800yen 13,600yen 23,200yen $26.00
Up to 9,400yen 12,900yen 14,900yen 25,300yen $28.00
Up to 10.0kg 10,200yen 14,000yen 16,200yen 27,400yen $30.00
Up to 11.0kg 11,000yen 15,100yen 17,500yen 29,500yen $32.00
Up to 12.0kg 11,800yen 16,200yen 18,800yen 31,600yen $34.00
Up to 13.0kg 12,600yen 17,300yen 20,100yen 33,700yen $36.00
Up to 14.0kg 13,400yen 18,400yen 21,400yen 35,800yen $38.00
Up to 15.0kg 14,200yen 19,500yen 22,700yen 37,900yen $40.00
Up to 16.0kg 15,000yen 20,600yen 24,000yen 40,000yen $42.00
Up to 17.0kg 15,800yen 21,700yen 25,300yen 42,100yen $44.00
Up to 18.0kg 16,600yen 22,800yen 26,600yen 44,200yen $46.00
Up to 19.0kg 17,400yen 23,900yen 27,900yen 46,300yen $48.00
Up to 20.0kg 18,200yen 25,000yen 29,200yen 48,400yen $50.00
Up to 21.0kg 19,000yen 26,100yen 30,500yen 50,500yen $52.00
Up to 22.0kg 19,800yen 27,200yen 31,800yen 52,600yen $54.00
Up to 23.0kg 20,600yen 28,300yen 33,100yen 54,700yen $56.00
Up to 24.0kg 21,400yen 29,400yen 34,400yen 56,800yen $58.00
Up to 25.0kg 22,200yen 30,500yen 35,700yen 58,900yen $60.00
Up to 26.0kg 23,000yen 31,600yen 37,000yen 61,000yen $62.00
Up to 27.0kg 23,800yen 32,700yen 38,300yen 63,100yen $64.00
Up to 28.0kg 24,600yen 33,800yen 39,600yen 65,200yen $66.00
Up to 29.0kg 25,400yen 34,900yen 40,900yen 67,300yen $68.00
Up to 30.0kg 26,200yen 36,000yen 42,200yen 69,400yen $70.00

 1. Consolidation fee is USD3
 2. Paypal fee is 5% of shipping charge and service fee(+consolidation fee))
 3. EMS charge can be seen here.
 4. TTB rate of Mitsui Sumitomo bank -2yen is used to exchange JPYEN to US$.
 5. For T/T payment or Western Union payment, please bear the cost of bank charge.
 6. Consumer tax,5% would be charged.

If your parcelis 300g for Asia, the calculation of total cost by PAYPAL is as follows;
Shipping charge(USD12=900yen/(78.05-2))+Service fee(USD10)+PAYPAL(USD2)+consumer tax(USD2)=USD26
If your parcel is 1kg for Asia in consolidation package, the calculation is as follows;
Shipping charge(USD24=1800yen/(78.05-2))+Service fee(USD12)+Consolidation fee(USD3)+PAYPAL (USD2)+consumer tax(USD2)=USD43
   【"Bulk Purchase of Japanese products" from Japanese maker, distributor】
 【Process of Our Service】
  If you would like to buy in bulk and would like to buy from Japanese maker/distributor directly to get volume discount, 
 we would negotiate the maker to get best price, upon that we will provide you our best offer to you.  Please let me know the item name and qty to here.   It is free of charge to privide our quotation.
  Although our offer contains our margin, it include following our service; 
(1) We will look for the product that you want in Japanese market.
(2) We will directly contact the maker or distributor to get best price.
(3) We will negotiate the price and commerc ial condition for you.
(4) We will deliver question and answer between you and Japanese maker/distributor
(5) After your purchase, we will take care of your product claim or question to the maker or distributer.
(6) We will give you the service to store your goods at our office in special rate.

 【Translation Service】
 We would serve English Japanese translation in reasonable rate.
 【Suggestion of your trip to Japan】 <free of charge>
  If you would like to trip to Japan, we would be able to provide information for you on free.

【Major Japanese online shopping site】for your reference
    YAHOO JAPAN AUCTION is the most popular Japanese online auction shopping site.
    We would be able to post bid or buy Japanese goods for you. 
    The site is only in Japanse and only Japanese residence can post bid, so we would 
    help your bid and purchase.   
   Yahoo!ショッピング 【楽天市場】Shopping is Entertainment! : インターネット最大級の通信販売、通販オンラインショッピングコミュニティ
We will be able to buy Japanese products from another popular online shopping
   site, "Yahoo Shopping","Rakuten Shopping mall" as well.  


For our service, please feel free
to contact 

Our reply within 24hours is guranteed.


       Do you know the price of Japanese super sportscar, N
issan GT-
used car in Japan? The lowest price is less than 5million
                 yen. It seems this is lowest level in the world. If you want to
                 import Nissan GT-R, we, Rakuport, would be able
                 to help you.  
  日産 GT-R ベースグレード ノーマル車 HDDナビ




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